Assessment - Foundation For Leader & Leadership Growth

Whether selecting a new team member, struggling with a relationship skill deficit, or seeking to advance people skills after a promotion, a comprehensive assessment with a unique "beneath-the-surface" analysis becomes the foundation for aspirations to higher heights in leadership. This is accomplished through our team of highly skilled experts, utilizing a battery of widely recognized, reliable and valid instruments to benchmark a wide-range of personality traits, attitudes, cognitive ability, personality/organizational fit, work place values, motivation, leadership and management characteristics, teamwork, and potential stress reactions, etc. This process culminates with a post-assessment interview and a report. 

Developmental Coaching - Expanding Leadership Capacity

With the assessment report in hand, a behavioral scientist, intervenes at the appropriate level in one-on-one sessions, skillfully and sensitively guiding a leader in a confidential process of diving deeper into understanding how their personality, attitudes, values, and leadership skills are interwoven. The key components in diving deeper include Identifying potential gaps, eliminating barriers to reaching new heights, and strategically utilizing strengths. As in all areas of business, knowledge is power!  

Intensive Group Process - Creating Connections for Growth

The ancient Chinese saying "Loneliness at the top" is just as relevant in contemporary organizational life. In a confidential intensive 2½ day supportive small group experience, leaders can break through their isolation to discuss personal and organizational challenges, achieve a deeper level of self-reflection, and fine-tune their interpersonal skills in active listening, seeking feedback, and providing developmental insight to others. Distinguished from team building, teaching, or training, these intensive groups are a dynamic in-depth interactive process designed by Dr. Thom, based on 40+ years of experience with hundreds of leaders from all over the globe. Some groups are comprised of leaders within an organization, whereas others are comprised from various non-competing industries and organizations. Some groups gather over a period of many years to support and collaborate with each other.